Experimentik im Live Stream/#45 Heather Frasch + Rebecca Lane

16.Juni / 21:00 - 22:00
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Heather Frasch + Rebecca Lane – Experimentell im Stream

Heather Frasch – objects, electronics
Rebecca Lane – flute, pitch pipes, objects

Heather Frasch and Rebecca Lane are composer-performers who have been co-curating Vibrant Matter Sound Series since 2017, organising sound events that investigate and make audible the vibrancy of matter. Their recent series, Vibrant Matter Portraits, showcases the works of six performer-composers who explore modes of listening: delving into the vibrational relationships (physical/visual/political/conceptual) between objects, text and sound. For their Experimentik #45 concert, the duo have created solo text and object scores for one another – which act as a reflection of their individual materials, objects and processes – and will be performed simultaneously.


Experimentik 2021 is supported by inm 








Datum: 16.Juni
Zeit: 21:00 - 22:00
Veranstaltung CategoriesExperimentik, Live Stream, Musik
Venue Name: tik nord
Address: Rigaer Straße 77
Berlin, 10247

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Organizer Name: Theater im Kino e.V.