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An introduction into Soundsystem Culture in Mexico and Colombia

17.Juni / 20:30 - 23:30
Vortrag Soundsysteme
Since the 1950s, the so-called Pico’s in Colombia and Sonidos in Mexico not only play music, but also take on other important social and cultural roles. The two socially very different countries of Colombia and Mexico also have different musical backgrounds, which will be explained in this evening, as well as the connections that have existed from the beginning.
Calamidades Lola (Saca Sal/ Sonido Los Cariños)
is a vinyl record hunter and dj / selector born and raised in Barranquilla, a city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia with a powerful party culture where music is a sure path to joy and liberation. Growing up surrounded by massive and technicolor sound systems in her neighborhood, she developed a taste for playing loud music regardless of style or genre boundaries. As a migrant he is aware of the need for the party as a meeting point for the different cultures that pass through a city like Berlin and seeks through these to give them visibility and inclusion.
Selektor Bony (Cumbia Fest Berlin/ Sonido Los Cariños)
born in Mexico and with more than 20 years of Dj experience Selektor Bony has established a solid fanbase in Europe and Latin America. As a professional Dj and founding member of Berlins only Sonido he sets new standards and shifts boundaries, both on the dance floor and in people’s minds.
Hosted by:
Rádio Djan Djan (Tropical Timewarp/ Sonido Los Cariños)
Music enthusiast, dj and radio host from Berlin.
Doors 7:30pm.
Start: 8:30pm.
Dj Set: 09:30 – 00:00
Fee: 8,-
Vortrag Soundsysteme
Photo credits (left to right): Fabian Althaona / Mirjam Wirz
Datum: 17.Juni
Zeit: 20:30 - 23:30
Eintritt: 8Eur
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Venue Name: tik
Address: Rigaer Straße 77
Berlin, 10247
Organizer Name: RÁDIO DJAN DJAN